Roald Dahl Character Stories


We have lots of costumes and accessories ideal for dressing up to be one of the many characters from the amazing Roald Dahl's books. We have the elephant and crocodile from The Enormous Crocodile, a spider and ladybug from James and the Giant Peach, a giraffe from The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, a Lumpa wig from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a fox from Fantastic Mr Fox, witches and a mouse from The Witches, a tousled wig and beard great for Mr Twit from The Twits, a monkey and colourful bird masks to dress up as the Roly-Poly Bird from The Twits, a white feather bird mask as The Swan from The Minpins, an instant vicar from The Vicar of Nibbleswicke, large ears for the giant from The BFG, ducks from The Magic Finger, top hat and bow tie for a Willy Wonka look and  lots more from the Roald Dahl books ..........
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